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2017 Sailing Classes at Edison Boat Club

  • Classes are held every Thursday at the Edison Boat Club, 100 Lycaste, Detroit, MI.

  • Beginning date is in April.  Classes end during the month of September.  Future year classes follow the same basic calendar.

  • You will become a member of Detroit Boat Club when you sign up for the classes.

  • The course is priced at $355.  This fee includes one year of membership to the Detroit Boat Club, the novice class and the intermediate class.  If circumstances arise that you are unable to complete the course, you may return the next year at no additional class fee.  However, you must maintain your membership in the Detroit Boat Club.


  • For additional information on the Edison/Boat Club classes, please contact  Pamela Rupinski  313-719-0501,

Class Description




This is a self-paced instructional program designed for the student who has no sailing experience or as a refresher course for those who have been out of sailing for a while.  As any entry level class, the course is designed to be an introduction to the fundamentals of sailing and water safety.  Skills covered include:  knot tying, rigging, points of sail, steering, docking, safety, capsize recovery, and introduction to sail racing.

There are two segments of this class.  Four Classroom sessions familiarize students with the terms, language and initial skills of sailing.  This is followed by a summer of On-the-Water sailing that is designed to be a self-paced, hands-on education to meet each student’s learning needs.


Sailors will expand their knowledge of boat handling techniques and racing.  Advanced theory of sail shape, spinnaker flying, effects of wind and currents, the techniques that effect boat speed, and racing rules will be covered. Sailors will leave this class with the ability to sail effectively and efficiently at all points of sail and deal with a variety of obstacles and conditions.

In water sailing time will be on the Flying Scots as well as on the high-performance Ultimate 20. Prerequisite is the completion of Novice Sailing Class or equivalent as determined by the Instructor.


The class is designed for Novices of all ages:  Adults to 90 years young.

All Novices must wear an approved, properly fitting life jacket at all times while on the docks and in the boats.  If you do not have a jacket, one will be provided.  Suitable foot attire must be worn on the docks and in the boats at all times.  It is also recommended you use sun block, sunglasses, and hat with retaining straps, sailing gloves, and a towel.


All Novices are expected to behave in a respectful manner and obey the rules of the Club.  We reserve the right to dismiss any student who does not respect the right to dismiss any student who does the rules of the Club or the sailing program.